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    A new study has shown that the use of the drug ephedrine may have caused liver problems after just 10 weeks of use by athletes.The study was led by Prof. H. David Himmelstein, director of the division of endocrinology at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), steroids for fat loss india. He also is the director of the Yale-New Haven Hospital Department of Metabolism, Obesity, and Nutrition, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, loss sale for weight steroids.

    Ephedrine was a controlled substance from 1925 through 1993 when drug regulation was tightened,. It is listed as a schedule II drug because of the potential for abuse and dependence, fat cutting anabolic steroids. Ephedrine is still widely prescribed by doctors as an appetite suppressant in people, according to the NIDA webpage about ephedrine supplements, the best steroids for weight loss. However, recent recommendations at state levels and by health experts say ephedrine should no longer be sold over the counter to consumers either.

    The team set out to investigate the potential for liver damage seen following a single oral dose of Ephedra, which is also known as ‘methaqualone’ and ‘alpha-ephedrin’, a chemical in natural products.

    Although the team looked at several medical studies to see whether the drug may cause liver damage, the results were inconsistent and there is likely more research to be done before a firm conclusion can be drawn, researchers said, top 10 fat burning steroids. Although the findings will not likely change any prescribing practices, the team said they would need more studies to get a definitive answer.

    Some side effects seen in the study included fatigue, nausea, and constipation, top 10 fat burning steroids.

    However, the research did confirm earlier research where bodybuilders experienced signs of mild liver damage after using the drug, top 10 fat burning steroids. The findings were published today in the respected medical journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association, weight loss clen results.

    The study looked at 1,829 male athletes enrolled in two studies over 10 weeks. The first two groups of athletes got the synthetic, ephedrine (a stimulant) or the natural substance (methaqualone) orally, weight loss steroids for sale. The researchers checked the blood concentrations of ephedra to determine whether any changes occurred before and after the athletes took their doses, steroids for weight loss in india.

    The drug’s toxic effects were shown to be reversible upon cessation of therapy, according to the paper which was co-authored by R, loss sale for weight steroids0. Stephen Smith of Yale-New Haven Hospital, Prof. H.

    Buy steroids liverpool
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